There is now a better way to get your pallets delivered, we are applying our leading courier service standards to your pallet deliveries.


Why is Urgent Trucks

Our truck service is different because it is on-demand. You don’t have to book days in advance to get your pallets moved across town. We have fleet of curtain-sided trucks with tail lifts that you can book when you want them at any time during the day. So if your customer rings up and has run out of your product you can book one of our trucks to pick up and deliver the same day, on services ranging from two hours to five.

Better for Your

Prices are competitive with your regular next day truck services but are easier on your goods. Because our trucks travel point-to-point with your delivery there is less opportunity for damage caused by loading and unloading in the traditional cross-dock truck services. There is also no opportunity for slippage, as your products are not sitting in depots waiting for the delivery truck.

Easy to

Simply book your truck pick up from our website and get a fixed price immediately. There is no need for you to complete any consignment notes or to book in advance. If your client doesn’t have a fork hoist that is not a problem, as all of our trucks are fitted with tail lifts and carry pallet jacks.