At Urgent Couriers we live and breathe sustainability.

At Urgent Couriers we live and breathe sustainability and have done so since the late 1990s. We use the environmental, social, and economic pillars of sustainability to guide our business decisions to ensure we don't compromise the success of future generations with our actions today.

We are NZ's first Carbon Neutral courier service...

Our main impact is the emissions from our vehicle fleet. We accept this responsibility and were the first transport company in New Zealand to become carbon neutral.

You may be wondering how a company whose operations involve burning fossil fuels can possibly claim to be carbon neutral.


We take the following steps every year to achieve certification in Toitu carboNZero Cert TM programme.

  • Reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible by:
    - Ensuring our contractors use low emission vehicles - now over 75% of the fleet.
    - Using smart GPS technology to improve fleet efficiency.
    - Developing and implementing an emissions reduction plan.
    - Using cycle couriers as much as possible.
  • Measuring our emissions and having them audited by an independent auditor.
  • Purchasing carbon credits to offset all remaining unavoidable emissions

    Partnering with the community

    At Urgent Couriers we believe the best way a business can provide community support is by utilising our expertise rather than by writing a cheque. To this end we support a number of worthwhile community organisations with a special not-for-profit (NFP) rate for courier deliveries. To find out who we support, or to apply for the NFP rate click here to go to our community support page.

    Urgent Couriers has chosen the Auckland City Mission as the primary organisation that we support in our local community. We support the mission in the following ways:

    Logistics support - picking up and delivering goods gifted to the Auckland City Mission free of charge.

    Fundraising using our Mobile Advert cars.

    Encouraging our customers to donate to the Mission's appeals.

    Paying our couriers a living wage ...

    By taking a responsible approach to pricing, Urgent Couriers ensures the company's financial profitability and the economic viability of its couriers. A guiding principle of Urgent Couriers' since inception is to ensure its couriers are viable business people in their own right.

    We are committed to providing our clients with the most consistent, reliable service as part of an overall value plan. Only by rewarding our couriers fairly can we ensure they perform.

    Leading by example

    We incorporated sustainable development measures into our staff's individual performance criteria.

    We have a broad range of services with a range of slower speeds increasing our couriers' capacity to carry more deliveries per kilometer and hence make more money.

    We report publicly on our performance through our sustainability reports.