The delivery service online shoppers have been waiting for.

"The last delivery mile is key to our business. Our courier partner are the face of WOOP and crucial in delivering amazing customer experiences. That’s why we have been using Urgent Couriers since 2015. Solution focused, excellent customer service, extremely well trained and efficient drivers, doubled with advanced technology allowing them to solve the 0.01% when the service level happens to be at 99.99%. "

- Thomas Dietz, Woop!

How does it work?

  • 1) Buy your goods

    Retailer finds & packs your order between 2-4pm

  • 2) Retailer packs

    From your favourite online retailer until 2pm

  • 3) Urgent picks up

    Urgent picks up your package between 4-6pm

  • 4) Urgent delivers

    We deliver your package between 6-9pm

    Would you like to be a retailer?

    Do you want to get an edge over your international competitors? Fast delivery is the answer. Make Urgent Tonight available on your site and attract a whole new set of shoppers who don't want to wait for 3 days to get things delivered.

    • One pick-up per day between 4-5pm

    • Same-evening delivery between 6-9pm to homes in the Auckland Metro area Monday to Friday

    • Flat delivery fee for a large Auckland metro area
      (Pick up fee applicable for low daily volumes)

    • Price covers up to 25kg per item

    • Automated electronic booking

    • Urgent Couriers commissioned independent research and found that your customers want this service.

    • Urgent Couriers commissioned independent research of 600 consumers by Buzz Channel

    • Buzz described the service to consumers and asked them to rate it on a 1-10 scale (1 I hate it to 10 I love it)

    • 80.3% rated the service between 7&10 with 33.5% giving it 10 (I love it)

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