About Urgent

Formed in 1989 by Steve Bonnici, Urgent Couriers is the recognised leader in the fast delivery market, and remains a privately held New Zealand company. In a changing industry, we embrace the exciting opportunities coming for us with the explosion of popularity in online shopping. We keep our growing workforce flexible, so we can meet the ever-changing delivery requirements of our customers.

Urgent Couriers has long been recognised as the innovators of our industry, and we have diversified into other services to further satisfying our customers’ demands. From third-party logistics to truck services, and even an online CRM service, we can offer a wide range of services across the boundaries of the industry.

Our most common feedback from our customers is that our couriers are the nicest and most professional that they get to see, so you know that you, or your customer, will be better looked after when you use Urgent Couriers.

Urgent's History

Sustainability has played a significant part in setting the company direction. We recognised very early that happy people are required to deliver a great service. Focussing on the sustainability of our people and the planet has helped create an environment where our people can deliver consistent service excellence. We have achieved a number of firsts in sustainability in NZ.

  • First carbon neutral transport company
  • First transport company to publicly publish its carbon footprint
  • First transport company to focus on sustainable contractor earnings

Our Services

We started out offering 60, 30, and 15 minute deliveries to Auckland using cars, motorcycles, and bicycles with the simple promise of “We're actually going to deliver what everyone else has been promising to do”.

The message resonated with customers and we still have a large percentage of our foundation customers today. As time and demand changed we've broadened our service offerings to reflect the changing demand of our customers. We still provide the foundation point-to-point fast courier services to thousands of NZ businesses and now also include:


Unlike our competitors, our home delivery service is not constrained by the challenges of delivering to homes during business hours Mon-Fri.

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Urgent Couriers are the leading fast delivery company in NZ, delivering Auckland wide, nationwide, and worldwide.

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There is now a better way to get your pallets delivered. We are applying our leading courier service standards to your pallet deliveries.

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We provide you with an end to end solution for your products when you store them in our 3PL warehouse.

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We specialise in delivery of medical supplies. The biggest names in orthopeadics trust us with their deliveries.

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We integrate with the major nationwide delivery companies to provide a seamless experience for booking and tracking your nationwide deliveries.

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